The Top 5 Email Trends Shaping the Future of Email Marketing

What are the top five email trends that are shaping email marketing as we speak according to Etan Zeng, hustler-man?

  • Email becomes paid media

Email remains free of media cost – but according to Ethan this won’t be the case forever.
ISPs such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail would establish a paid model for advertisers in the long term. Monetisation of the inbox.

I seriously doubt if there will be a (priority) inbox-tax. But advertising certainly. Gmail is already showing ads formatted like email. In the meanwhile use email marketing today before it becomes a marketing expense.

  • Imagine the visual Inbox

We’re all visual animals. Visual communication helps us to learn faster and more effectively, Social is becoming more visual. Naturally the traditional email inbox is also growing increasingly visual.

The personal inbox is becoming increasingly personalised, interactive and programmable.
We can then expect this trend to continue growing where inboxes be more visual. Video will become far more prevalent within emails.

  • Completely Personalised email combined with real-time Automation

Currently, automation is often focused on a straight funnel approach. Previous action(s) such as purchasing tripwire content or entering a competition triggers the next. There is some personalisation but it’s all very linear.
With the advent of AI and personalised video, we could see real-time experiences take over the nurture flow in a seamless and automated experience. Emails could be sent in normal or video format, dynamically rendered based on location and weather. Discounts and offers would be shown on these completely personalised variables, which in turn increases conversion.

  • Your Email Inbox gets an intelligent layer for Voice Platforms

The rise of voice with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod makes it to the inbox. Emails won’t just be read on the voice platforms of the future. Our emails will have an intelligent layer over them meaning you’ll be able to respond, delete and dynamically sort your emails through voice.

This also sits hand in hand with paid email marketing as a prediction, which could see a centralised demand-side platform for email placements. And real-time-bidding could take place – similar to the Google Display Network for example.

  • GDPR and Data Protection

The recent impact of GDPR has been far-reaching. With users that are reluctant to share all their personal details, Customers will grow control over their personal data and email addresses. But if done correctly, the enforcement of the new regulations will help them trust marketing from brands again and build healthy relationships.
Expect stricter data regulation in regions beyond the EU. This will shape the way businesses capture emails leads. Marketers need consent for their data activities and transparency will be a bigger part of the lead capture landscape moving forward.



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