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SKYHUB NIGERIA joins the FG & others to Train 100 women in ICT in North Central Nigeria

SKYHUB NIGERIA on Capacity Building trained 100 North Central Women in ICT at Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia.

The week long programme facilitated active involvement and increase the number of women participation in ICT & provided them with Digital Skills for entrepreneurship.

The initiative enhanced supports to Women in accessing knowledge and skills to improve their quality of life, using digital skills.

SKYHUB NIGERIA is pleased commence this year with/on such a remarkable journey setting pace for digital literacy amongst different gender groups in the country.

In the course of the event, SKYHUB NIGERIA accelerated the 100 women in #ICT through the nitty gritty of #DigitalMarketing stressing much on #SocialMedia Marketing.

Stating categorically the need to harnessing the gap of digital skills in women is to be readdressed but nevertheless and also knowing that the future of work is in the online world, a world full of possibilities where you can get everything you set out for.

The participants were backed with additional knowledhe and resources on #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle.

This women were taught extensively on the career paths in #DigitalSkills.

SKYHUB NIGERIA remarkably groomed the 100 women in ICT, providing them with skills to recreate themselves self employed jobs.



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