Letter To Our Active & loyal Supporters/Voters During the Next Economy Impact Award week

Letter to our active and loyal supporters/Voters During the Next Economy Impact Award week.

Everybody is a winner, though only one crown was taken home.

We heartily appreciate you all for your kind and benevolent support during the voting week. The results are out and congratulations to Funky Big Farm for emerging the Winner of the 2020 Impact Award.

Miss Nanbam, Winner of the Impact award 2020 and other nominees.

In light of the Award, Funky Big Farm is a goat banking platform that allows members to rear goats by proxy and create an industry for goat by products such as milk, manure, meat and skin. They also give you value and interest of one goat annually on every goat you buy and bank in their farm.

We wish to also encourage everyone to support and patronise Funky Big Farm.

We also look forward to fostering effective partnership and working with Funky Big Farm.

And to the next Economy team, we greatly appreciate you all for the enabling environment provided for start ups to nurture and scale their businesses. Not to forget the nHub Nigeria and nHub Foundation for conducive environment and mentorship programs and sessions given to various start ups.

Thanks once again for all your supports and congratulations once more to Funky Big Farm.


Congratulations to Funky Big Farm 🏆



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