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How SKYHub Nigeria excelled from Ideation to Growth level with the Best Crowfunding Expert and Incubation Manager, Mr. Bashir Sheidu and Mr. Eric Nanle of the NextEconomy

SKYHub Nigeria is powered by a vibrant team of professionals with a deep knowledge of Digital marketing and many years of combined experience. When it comes to spotting the latest trends in Digital Marketing and executing fast-evolving strategies like Inbound Marketing, Social Media marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc to enhance business results for clients, we are always ahead of the curve.


SKYHub Nigeria birthed its status after series of training that commence 7 months ago under thorough business training and mentorship by Mr. Bashir Sheidu and Mr. Eric Nanle respectively. These two great men have miraculously with their great and wealthy knowledge on MVPs and KPIs mentored SKYHub Nigeria that flew on the wings on NextEconomy having the sky as our starting point and roaring like nHub Nigeria as her bedrock.


It all began on a sunny day in May 2018, having attended a business mentorship session where Mr. Eric Nanle, the incubation manager and Mr. Bashir Sheidu, the Crowdfunding expert both of nHub Nigeria took the stage and made business development look so less of stress but more of focus and target and immediately, the well breeded Founder/CEO of SKYHub Nigeria Mr. Solomon K. Yateghtegh grasp the moment and embrace the situation at hand and created a niche from their training session.


The NextEconomy platform was no doubt the best environment where one have had such training at the moment. The Founder got SKYHub Nigeria registered under the platform to be part of the numerous startups to be trained.


After being immensely trained, monitored, criticized, evaluated and mentored for 6 months ( 3 months of in house training and 3 months of field work actualization), SKYHub Nigeria as a Digital Marketing Company successfully trained and impacted to over 2000+ SMEs and Entrepreneurs on the need to acquire Digital Skills and Boost Your Business skills online. Within this span of 6 months


During this period, a lot of topics were covered such as that of Lean Methodology, Business Model and Business Model Canvas etc and it was a wow at the end of the session.


“Our team members are also certified by Google, eMarketing Institute, etc. We are working with clients from various countries across the world and helping them to grow their business. Our technical knowledge, creativity and strong customer focus have helped us to gain the trust of our clients.”


SKYHub Nigeria greatly appreciate the NextEconomy initiative under nHub Nigeria through Mr. Bashir Sheidu (Crowdfunding Expert) and Mr. Eric Nanle (Incubation manager) in helping startups to grow to the best level they could attain.

Mr. Eric Nanle, Incubation Manager
Mr. Eric Nanle, Incubation Manager
Mr. Bashir Sheidu, Crowdfunding Expert
Mr. Bashir Sheidu, Crowdfunding Expert


With NextEconomy, SKYHub Nigeria sees herself as a partner, and not just as a service provider in terms of Digital Marketing. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a globally recognized Digital Marketing Company.


Our appreciation also goes to nHub Nigeria under the leadership of Mr. Longji for creating an enabling environment.


From one of our training.




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