How does a company obtain brand visibility?

Building a brand and standing apart from competitors can be one of the biggest challenges for an organization. Visualizing a brand is all about how audiences perceive and engage with your brand. In simple terms, envisioning a brand is all about influencing your audience’s perception of you. The visuals for your brand are made up by your website, color choices, the size of text, mood, and designs. These elements provide the audience indicators on how to comprehend and appreciate your brand.

Visual branding is incredibly important for brands ability to reach and create influence. The optics across all platforms must be uniform and convey the values of your company.


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Here are three ways to visualize your brand:

1. Define Your Audience

Identifying your audience is an important first step in building a successful visual brand identity. Knowing your target audience is a big determining factor on the visuals and mood that should accompany your brand. Ask yourself the following question: who would be interested in my product or service? Based on that answer you’ll be able to get a jump start on visualizing your brand.

2. Mood Boards

Once you know your audience, you can begin creating visual boards or mood boards. Mood boards are a curation of visuals that work together to embody a feeling, or look that is desired. Mood boards are a great way to maintain consistency throughout your page. A simple way to mood board would be through a private Instagram account or as we call it at BWA, “finsta,” to which you only have access. What color scheme and visuals do you want across all platforms? Test try them on your “finsta” before they go live!

3. Consistency

Consistency is key in creating an engaging visual brand. Follow brand guides in applying the same filters, size, font, and visual guidelines throughout all platforms is a crucial way to continue to build influence and loyalty in one’s brand.


Identifying your audience is an important first step in building a successful visual brand identity.



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